This is the how to measure for children. Choose this option if you are measuring to see if our sizing is suitable for your child.

1. Place your cloth measuring tape around your head over your occipital bone (the furthest part on the back of your head). This is how we recommend for children to wear for comfort and to keep on the noggin' on those windy beach days.

2. Bring the measure around to the front of your head. About 5 mm above your ears and position it in the centre of your forehead, or just above the eyebrows (depending on where you want your hat to sit). Make sure the tape is sitting comfortably, this is how the hat will sit on your head.

3. Check what size your measuring tape says. If your tape measures less than 47cm, we recommend our kids mini size (47cm). If the tape measures 47-53cm, we recommend our kids size (53cm) and a hat filler to tailor the hat to fit perfectly. We do not recommend Children's hats for anyone thats head measures larger than 53cm.