Villa Goupil

Chevreuse. North of France, 40km from the dynamic and lively Paris. It was here that we discovered an oasis of escape that seems almost purpose built for relaxation and reflection. It was the perfect setting and backdrop, for our latest collection, A French Lovestory. Villa Goupil was designed and built in the late 1960’s, with the World Fair theme of ‘World of Tomorrow’ echoing in the minds of designers worldwide.


Leading to futuristic and almost ethereal design choices, the property is the brainchild of Jacques Couëlle, a self taught architect who rebelled against the modernist movement’s rigid and mechanical forms. The house was almost one with nature. The carved, curving concrete exterior borrows its shape and form from the surrounding forest, with a movement and fluidity that defies and contradicts the nature of the materials.


It felt surreal. But of course, this was expected of an architect who was close friends with Picasso and Dali! It is as if you are walking through a fairytale or the set of a movie, it almost didn’t feel real. Looking outwards, we were met with the view of lush forest and further onwards, a divine vista of quaint and quintessential French village life as far as the eye can see.


The immersion in nature and the unobtrusive architecture and design leads to an all encompassing tranquility. Its deep serenity makes for the quintessential setting for some serious introspection and thought, ideal for overcoming any form of writer's or imagination block. To us, it no doubt served up some serious creative inspiration for us.


The secluded property was the ultimate nirvana for lovers, providing a break from the chaos and distraction of daily life. With not a care in the world, I can see this property being ideal to rediscover and deepen the passion and connection between lovers. With a lack of distraction from the outside world, it makes anyone want to fully immerse themselves in the moment. To stop. Take it all in for a slight moment. It was refreshing and liberating, and it was exactly what we wanted to convey through our latest campaign.


Above everything, this property brings to the table all of the style and practicality of classic mid-century architecture. The design choices have been carefully curated to provide aesthetically pleasing features without sacrificing any of the creature comforts that you would expect of modern European luxury.


Wandering the property is as if you are in a dream, which I discovered can be deeply transformative. It has the innate ability to bring to the surface a deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself and those with whom you choose to share your experience.