Sweet Suburbia

Think, the streets of suburban California, the sun is shining, and that girl is walking past… the one that belongs in the past, she’s happy as hell, she’s moving along as though she’s listening to The Stones and her wardrobe, well, it’s a collection of ‘days gone by’ arranged into a look that you can’t turn away from.

When friends create together it can often result in an explosive collaboration of ideas in one shoot. In this case, those collaborative ideas sits perfectly in a representation of what each Lack of Color & Stoned Immaculate represent. Lack of Color with their latest range of vintage inspired hats, a collection so aptly named ‘Remember When’ & Stoned Immaculate with a range of quintessential 70s attire mixed with vintage pieces that journeys us back to the moment they were originally worn…

Model: Gwen Van Meir @ Next Stylists: Chloe Chippendale & Ashling Massoumi Hair and Makeup: Melinda Dean Photographer: Robert Tilbury

  001 002 004 006 007005 008 011010 015 020019 022 023031 026025 027017 035 037  

Model wears Lack of Color hats The Eastwood, The Jethro, The Rose,  The Luna, The Velveteen, The Lolita, The Eclipse, The Zulu, The Morrison, The Joplin.

Threads from the foxy ladies over at Stoned Immaculate Clothing.